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Sonatrach chief speaks for oil industry reforms in Algeria

Sonatrach Abdelmoumen Ould Kaddour, CEO of Sonatrach, has stated that the country is required to upgrade its oil and gas industry laws in order to attract international investors

KROHNE introduces new large line size coriolis mass flow meters for oil and gas industry

KRHONE 1 The process measuring technology provider KROHNE has introduced new large line sizes for its OPTIMASS series, aiming to achieve continuous and repeatable mass flow or density measurement in a wide range of gas fractions and complex flow conditions

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Woman shuts down dude who used her picture in a sexist meme

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Memes are great, but maybe don't use them to be a total jerk.

Twitter user Leyton Mokgerepi‏ tried his best attempt at a popular meme format on Tuesday, but failed miserably and publicly in his attempt. 

The comparative format's pretty simple and can be applied to a variety of situations, however, this version is pretty gross and exists only to body shame women. "Girls that I like vs girls that like me," the post reads, along with images of two women. 

While comparative memes are often meant to be used in a self-depreciating or sarcastic manner, Mokgerepi's version is sexist, and crossed a major line when he used two images of real people, and shamed the woman on the right for her body type. Read more...

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The City of Tomorrow: The future of urban transportation is being built today

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Innovation happens when people come together. Nowhere is that more obvious than in our bustling cities around the world. And as resident numbers continue to climb, some of the most populated locations across the globe are faced with the opportunity to not only shape the future — but to design it.

According to a 2014 United Nations report, 54 percent of the world's population resides in urban areas; by 2050 that number is expected to rise to 66 percent. That’s a lot of people.

An increase in population can lead to a whole slew of transportation issues — many of which you probably experience regularly. From congestion on the roads and inefficient traffic patterns to unreliable public transportation and rising commute times, city dwellers know how painful it can be when systems start to fail.

More about Supported, Transportation, Future, Innovation, and City Life

Teen praised after returning lost wallet with $1,500 inside

Twitter Facebook

A teen is receiving praise on the internet after returning a wallet he found with $1,500 cash inside.

Melissa Vang posted a short clip to Facebook on Friday showing a young man waving a wallet at the security camera pointed at her front porch. After a few moments, the teen leaves the wallet on the home's welcome mat, and slowly takes off. 

"My husband dropped his wallet (with hundreds of dollars and all his credit cards) in our drive way and this gentleman picked it up and left it at our doorstep," Vang wrote on Facebook.

The woman later tracked the young man down, and says she thanked him and rewarded him with $150 for his actions. Read more...

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Women in STEM get prime real estate on Grand Central's ceiling for an inspiring reason

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There are plenty of ways to recognize the pioneering women who've made unique contributions to science, technology, engineering, and math. 

But GE chose an unorthodox strategy by creating custom-designed animations of 12 influential women in STEM and projecting them onto the ceiling of Grand Central Terminal in New York City. 

That famous tourist attraction and commuter hub is known for its high ceiling, which features a stunning constellations. So naturally GE chose 12 female scientists and engineers and illustrated their faces amongst the stars. Tourists and commuters can see the 7-minute "Unseen Stars" projections at different times starting Tuesday until Thursday at 11:59 p.m.  Read more...

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Ruthless runner nicknamed the 'Mad Pooper' because ... well ...

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The city of Colorado Springs is in crisis over the unknown runner who's tearing across the city and leaving a trail of poop in her wake.

Dubbed the "Mad Pooper," the unidentified runner was the subject of an excellent KKTV segment that details her reign of terror. 

Per the local news affiliate, the runner consistently defecates on the sidewalk outside a local family's home. Homeowner Cathy Budde says she'd expected an end to the madness after confronting the runner in person one fateful day.

"I thought for sure she's mortified, it was an accident, she'll go get a dog bag, come back, clean it up, and never run here ever again," she said. "Not the case." Read more...

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