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Can Irish Oil Save Bankrupt Ireland?

Posted by Brian Simpson on November 21, 2010 at 11:05


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Lyft now has permission to test self-driving cars on California's roads

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Lyft just took a small but essential step forward in the development of its own self-driving car project. 

The California DMV granted the rapidly growing ride-hailing company permission to test autonomous vehicles on the state's public roads. The registration, which the DMV gives after the submission of an application and an annual $150 fee, has become a rite of passage of sorts for the various AV projects from automakers, tech companies, and startups that are currently racing to develop their own platforms.   

Registering with the state means that Lyft will now have to submit certain information to the DMV about its operations, most significantly an annual disengagement report detailing the number of times human operators had to take control of test vehicles. Lyft joins the likes of massive companies like Volkswagen, Waymo, Apple, and Ford with the registration, rounding out the full list of testers to 45.  Read more...

More about California, Lyft, Autonomous Vehicles, Self Driving Cars, and Testing

Top HBO executive sues TV Academy for nasty fall on the Emmys red carpet

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The latest HBO drama may not have dragons, but it sure has a big budget.

Nancy Lesser, a high-ranking HBO executive, has filed a $1 million civil lawsuit over a nasty fall she took on the 2016 Emmys Red Carpet.


Worst of all? She's suing the TV Academy (as well as the City of Los Angeles and Anshultz Entertainment Group), an organization staffed by peers and friends who honored many of the network's shows that very night. While that doesn't reach Red Wedding levels by any means, there's plenty of sticks and stones (and broken bones) in the lawsuit, obtained by Mashable

Lesser's claim, filed Nov. 15 in Los Angeles Superior Court, tells of a night filled with glamor and stars "dressed for the fashion of the day, including women with high heels, and some with extremely high heels." But all of it came crashing down when the conditions of the red carpet (from the Microsoft Theater to the Governor’s Ball at Gilbert Lindsay Plaza) led to her stepping a dirt h*** in the concrete and smashing her hip on the sidewalk. Read more...

More about Tv, Television, Hbo, Lawsuits, and The Emmys

A roasted turkey's big day out in New York City

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Hello! Wow, I'm so happy to be here! Thank you to Mashable for allowing me to share my travel diary!

Today's focus: My big day trip to the Big Apple! Boy, was it an adventure. Let's dive right in!

First thing, I had to hit up a real NYC subway station!

It took 15 minutes to purchase a Metro Card and I left grease all over the screen, but I did it!

'Will & Grace' is my absolute favorite show!!!

'Will & Grace' is my absolute favorite show!!!

Image: roasted turkey/mashable

I headed straight to the center of New York culture: Times Square!

Image: roasted turkey/mashable

My skin looked exceptionally dewey under the bright lights of Broadway!

More about Humor, Turkey, Thanksgiving, Culture, and Culture

Samsung allegedly plans to make CES relevant again with new Galaxy S smartphones

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In many ways, these days it seems the annual CES tradeshow in Las Vegas is where consumer tech goes to die. Vibrating smart jeans? Bizarre wearables? Temporary tattoo printers? Check, check, and check. All the biggest names like Apple, Microsoft, and Google have largely abandoned the event as a place for major product reveals in favor of their own press events. 

Samsung, however, might be about to change all that. According to VentureBeat, the South Korea-based manufacturer is set to unveil the latest iteration in its line of Galaxy S smartphones at next year's CES in just a couple of months. That's right, this January might bring with it a sneak peek at both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. Read more...

More about Samsung, Ces, Smartphones, Galaxy S9, and Ces 2018

Who cares about a 'man drain?' Bring back 'Good Girls Revolt.'

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If you’re worried about the "drain” of male talent from Hollywood, watch Season 1 of Good Girls Revolt

It’s a delightfully impassioned show about the first-ever sexual discrimination lawsuit in 1969, which was canceled last year by Amazon Studios head Roy Price, who would later be fired for sexual harassment

Yeah, talk about life imitating art imitating life. So when people like CNN reporter Dylan Byers lament the “drain” of Hollywood talent due to sexual misconduct allegations against men, think about the women’s voices that have been missing all along, thanks to the systemic abuse that kept those male predators in power in the first place.  Read more...

More about Amazon, Amazon Studios, Amazon Originals, Anna Camp, and Good Girls Revolt

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